Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pillow Pets for Jacob....

Our Tuesday at One group has been reading "Out Live Your Life" (You were made to make a difference) by Max Lucado. After reading the first two chapters Jan was already sharing something that God put on her heart.

Jacob McConahay is an amazing 6 year old who attends Northview. Jacob is battling cancer. You can read all about Jacob at: Jan was so touched when she read that Jacob wanted to give 1,000 pillow pets for the kids at Riley..."because sometimes Doctors say things that are scary that kids shouldn't have to hear.". Jan is determined to help Jacob's dream come true.

Our children's ministry had already began to collect Pillow Pets and were so excited when Jan came to them and offered to help in their endeavor. Today we made three boxes to collect Pillow Pets during the weekend services.

Here Julie and Jan are covering the boxes that Jan picked up at Costco. We were working in the church lobby....

We put the boxes up on the Info Center, it made a great work table!

Here is one of the finished boxes. We are praying that Jacob will get all of his Pillow Pets! (We also pray for Jacob's health and his family)
It is wonderful to be a part of our Tuesday at One group. These women inspire me to follow God.

There is a neat prayer at the end of chapter five:

"O Lord, I have been called to be part of a holy community. You did not call me in isolation but placed me in the body of Christ, along with every other believer in Jesus throughout the world in every age. Let us grow as a team, work as a team, worship as a team, weep, laugh, and live as a team. Grant me the wisdom and the strength to partner with you and with my brothers and sisters in Christ. For Jesus' sake and in His name I pray, amen."

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