Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My New Job.....

I have been waiting to start blogging about my NEW JOB!!! It is amazing how God has blessed me with a wonderful new life experience.....

I'm now on staff at my church! Our Pastor of Assimilation, Doug Starkey...(Taylor University Grad.) asked me to consider the position several weeks ago. I wasn't quite ready to blog about it until I talked with Pottery Barn, etc.

I am the Assimilation Administrative Assistant....I can barely spell it! It's a wonderful opportunity. We are the ministry of Greeters, Ushers, Parking Helpers, Hospitality, Volunteer Finders, etc. I don't even know all of the correct lingo yet! (lingo???)

All of those reading this are asked to PRAY !!! I have lots to learn! More to come with pictures soon!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Birthday Cake

Guess what!!!! Another masterpiece cake by Liz Bellman! The most beautiful, adorable cake that you've ever seen! What will we do now that she's moving to Cincinnati??? It also tasted great a light almond flavoring with chocolate mousse filling! Thanks Liz! You're a dear!
My eyes are almost open...I guess when you get old it's hard to keep them open. Here we are again at the home of the Bellman's for Bible Study Group. Dan made a wonderful mexican casserole for our supper........

Our Work Day

This is how we looked as we embarked on our service project for "Life on Loan". We were sad that Fay and Lee could not join us. Also absent from the picture are Ray and Pat who graciously started a new group for "Life on Loan".
This is our whole work day group at South Roberts Methodist Church where we prepared sack lunches for the homeless of downtown Indy. We prepared 400 bags...ready for sandwiches. Dan from our group spent the time organizing their stock room...I'm sure that was a blessing to them. It was amazing how everyone worked so well together. The kids were a great help too! We couldn't have done it without them! A happy note: Steven Quinn was a part of our group...he is a famous singer to me...he sings at church and at Colts games and at concerts....
he sang a bit for us. Steve and I did a duet of Dottie Rambo's "I go to the rock" It was a moment of greatness for me!!!!!! I couldn't believe he knew that song!!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Our New Fence

This is the side by hooks into her fence.

This is the Fleetwood Dr. side........
This is the gate on the Fleetwood Drive side...notice I had to decorate the gates post-haste!Charlie likes to go out, but so far he wants someone to go out with him! The fence was built by Amerifence They did a super job and were so nice.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Visitors from Alaska.......

It was great to have Tim and Nancy down from Alaska! They brought Dad Rupp from Fort Wayne with them,too!

Here are the guys after their morning walk with Charlie. Dad and I had a bit of time to discuss Proverbs 8. It's so neat to talk to Dad about the Bible. He confirmed my thoughts about "Wisdom" in this chapter is talking about "Jesus". I just love to hear him talk about the Bible. At 89, he is so sharp on God's word! The men headed off to the Eiteljorg Museum for the day. They had a great time, and also had lunch at the Museum...(It is a museum of the American Indian and the West.) I can just imagine them reading every plaque! I usually just like to get the visual, and not read everything! Nancy and I had our own happy day planned......
Nancy and I went to Quilts Plus, the #1 voted quilt shop in Indy. Then we went to Zionsville for some shopping in cute shops. We ended our time at the Sweet Shop in Carmel having a red velvet cupcake and coffee. (Cupcakes there are baked by Rhianna that works part time at Pottery Barn!) Nancy has taken up is great to hear her talk about all her projects. She is donating her latest quilt to a homeless shelter type place in Anchorage. Nancy is very inspiring...she is now the "shopper" for a food pantry in Eagle River. She is involved in ministering to women at her church, too. Thanks for the inspiration, Nancy....reminds me of a Life on Loan!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Mark cut down a tree today that was near where our new fence is going. Alice wanted it down, she mentioned it to Mark this morning and he went out and cut it down!! He did a great job, it was scary. He put a rope on it and pulled it down after he had cut it almost down. He put it right between trees and the house. It was about 25' high. I was washing windows today...Pottery Barn didn't need me....It was a beautiful day. I got almost all of the outside ones done, I forgot about the high ones in the back...Oh well, the trees cover them! I can't believe how I enjoy clean windows! I used to be too busy to even realize how beautiful they are when they are clean. I also made a coffee cake, and an apple pie. Mom has been tutoring me on pie crust! (no Pillsbury crust this time!) Company coming tomorrow: Tim and Nancy (Mark's brother and sister in law from Alaska, and Dad Rupp....

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mourning into Dancing....

A good song for today.....a bad day for our money....but what a wonderful, faithful God we have!!!!!!

Take time to watch this!!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Go Grace Go!

Grace is learning to drive! She is in driver's ed. We practiced driving down at Mom and Dad's. They have a new subdivision behind their house with nice wide roads. The subdivision connects to another subdivision so there's some room to drive a bit. She's coming right along! It was fun to help her in my little car!

Fun at the Pumpkin Patch

What a beautiful day it was at Joe Huber's on the weekend. Our traditional fall happy family weekend was wonderful. We went earlier in the season this year and the pumpkins were plentiful! We hopped off the wagon picked up a pumpkin and hopped back on. Mom wondered if we were just getting older and didn't want to walk as much! I'm sure it was because there were so many beautiful pumpkins everywhere!!! Mark is posing with our pumpkin. I wish I had gotten more than one! Mom and Dad always treat us to a big chicken & ham dinner in the dining room. Their food is so good! They have a very nice website.....more pictures later.....