Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Birthday Cake

Guess what!!!! Another masterpiece cake by Liz Bellman! The most beautiful, adorable cake that you've ever seen! What will we do now that she's moving to Cincinnati??? It also tasted great a light almond flavoring with chocolate mousse filling! Thanks Liz! You're a dear!
My eyes are almost open...I guess when you get old it's hard to keep them open. Here we are again at the home of the Bellman's for Bible Study Group. Dan made a wonderful mexican casserole for our supper........


Brenda said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to YOU!
Blessings on this new year!
Love to you. . .

Simply Dandy said...

What a sweet cake...I bet it was delicious!! Happy Birthday!


Maree said...

Oh my goodness awesome!! Love, love, love that cake!

Inspirational...makes me want to create too! The mexican casserole sounds so good!

Happy,happy Birthday!! ;-)