Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thanks Liz!!!

Another beautiful cake by Liz!!! Our life group met at the Bellman's last week and sometimes we get a beautiful cake creation! Liz is the Bellman's daughter. The cake was a moist pumpkin cake. She made the fondant pumpkins, acorns and leaves. We are so blessed by Liz, even if she didn't make such wonderful cakes. She stayed for awhile and talked with us, that meant so much!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Red, white and blue...........

Dad with Grace and Grant helping him put up the flag. This picture was taken at Christmas in 2006. It must have been a very warm and beautiful day! Thankful for great parents, family and our wonderful country!

Isaiah 50:7

Because the sovereign Lord helps me I will not
be afraid. Therefore I have set my face like a
stone determined to do His will and I know that
I will triumph.

I haven't thought about that verse for a
while. It is definitely one of my favorites.
It has been a strange day, I'm not busy....I
can't cope :)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Morning Walk....

"whether I look to the right or to the left I will hear a voice saying, 'This is the way, walk in it'". Isaiah 30:21 (my paraphrase)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sorry Mr. Snowman....

Sorry Nana, Charlie got too excited with Mr. Snowman tonight! Andy was here for supper and Charlie was acting up! It's so cute to see him with Andy! I'm going to try to put Mr. Snowman back together.....

My basement craft area....

The joys of having an unfinished basement!!! A dream come true. It's not beautiful, but the space it wonderful.....

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Charlie's visitors

Looks like a doggie choir doesn't it! This is Chuck and Pork Chop from next door....they stopped by this morning with their mom.

Friday, September 19, 2008

For LeAnn...my apothecary jar

I think this is the only apothecary jar I have! I work at Pottery Barn and we have lots of neat ones!! (In fact they just called me to come to work!.....must go.......) I enjoyed all of your jars.
Be sure and check out LeAnn's blog, in my favorites, Simply Dandy--it is!!!

Treats for Small Group...

Brown Bag Apple Pie and Triple Layer Peanut Butter Brownies....hope they enjoy!

Brown Bag Apple Pie

Toss 4 cups of Granny Smith or other pie apples with fresh lemon juice. Prepare single crust in glass or ceramic pie pan. Arrange apples on crust.
Combine 1/2 cup sugar and 2 Tbls. flour and spices. Mix and sprinkle over apples. Next combine 1/2 sugar and 1/2 cup flour and cut in 1/2 cup butter to make a coarse crumble.
Sprinkle over apples.

Put into brown bag and secure with paper clips. Bake 1 Hour @ 425 degree oven.

Be careful when you open the bag....especially if you are talking to your sister on the phone when your doing it!

I am so happy!! It is beautiful and easy....hope our small group will like it!!! Here's the complete recipe....
Brown Paper Bag Apple Pie
1 unbaked 9" piecrust pierced with a fork
4 cups Granny Smith apples peeled and cored
2 TBLSP. fresh lemon juice
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup flour
2 TBLSP. flour
1/4 teas. nutmeg
1/4 teas. cinnamon
1/2 cup chilled butter.
Note: Place one extra shelf away from heating element. Make sure paper bag has no ink or paint on it. Use metal paper clips to close bag. I thought the bag smelled funny at the beginning, but it was OK.
Recipe from a "Cabin" magazine I saw at the hair salon....Great Clips!!!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A beautiful morning.....

Late summer is always a great time for impatiens! Mine are just getting tall and filled in! My hybiscus is so very happy! It used to belong to Leesa and she didn't want to deal with it inside so she gave it to me. In the winter it has a home beside my desk. It even blooms in the winter. I hope you can see the caladium, it is hiding beside the pot in the top picture. This was a gift from dear friends, the Durrance's from Lake Placid Florida, the Caladium capitol of the U.S. They sent us a bunch of bulbs, but I didn't take good care of them. I'm so glad this one survived. In our climate I will have to dig up the bulbs before the frost.
Charlie looks like he just woke up from a nap. I couldn't get a good pose out of him.....

Isaiah 1:17

May I learn to do good,
Seek justice,
Remove the oppressor,
Defend the orphan,
And plead for the widow.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

She Loves Her Aunt.....

Our dear little Fanny.........

Neighborhood Drug Bust

What a shock to wake up Tuesday Morning to a major drug bust going on across the street.
I took a few pictures incognito.....The family was new to our neighborhood. We are in shock.
It is a nationwide drug ring, we don't know any details. 17 lbs of cocaine and stacks of cash...... I saw them putting several bags of white power in plastic bags. Unbelievable!!!
Enough of that! Please pray for the children in the family....what a mess!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Life on Loan

We are starting a spiritual emphasis at our church based on the book by Rick Rusaw and Eric Swanson....LIVING A LIFE ON LOAN. It was a wonderful treat to have Eric Swanson at church this weekend. His message to us was to go from being a GREAT church, to being a GOOD church. From Acts 10:36 - 38......(Paul speaking to non-jews) "God sent...the good news...through Jesus Christ and.....God annointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and power, and....He went around "doing good."

Point#1 Ministry of Mercy.....Focus: Improving another's life for "today" - from need to temporary improvement. Mercy..."God's attitude and action towards those in distress." Mercy is simple. Luke 10. The Good Samaritan......"saw him" and moved towards him...small things add up...."Go and do likewise"

Point#2 Ministry of Empowerment
Focus: Improving another's life for a "lifetime" from dependence to sufficiency. Psalm 63...Father of the fatherless.....

Point#3 Ministry of Evangelism
Focus: Making another's life better for "eternity" from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light. Their destiny is forever changed.

We can turn our good intentions into good deeds........

Great thoughts....Praying that I will listen to God's leading............

Pie Crust Protectors

I found some pie crust protectors. I hope I can get the link....www.metrokitchen.com/product/DM-CRSTPT?source=deal&keyword=DM-CRSTPT&utm_source=shopping-com&utm_medium=scs&utm_term=DM-CRSTPT
......this isn't pretty, but I think it will get the job done!!!!! Mine fit only a 9" pan, they will not work on an 8" pan. Most of the ones you see are 9".
I don't like the ones that are in pieces, they are hard to handle.....

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Grace!

Happy 15th Birthday Grace!!!! Some pictures from our happy day on Saturday! We had pizza at our favorite Puccini's, then all came back to our house for mom's German Chocolate Cake and other sweets.....So blessed to have family together.

Pumpkin Pie

My secret pumpkin pie recipe....is found on the can of Libby's pumpkin. Also my crust is found in this red Pillsbury box. I get so many compliments on my pumpkin pies...it is the easiest of all pies. These two pies were baked for our Bible Study group on Friday night. I served Indiana Chili and Pumpkin Pie. Since some of our group comes straight from work we try to have a simple supper before group and dessert after. Our group has been together for about two years. We were all new to our church and empty nesters. We just finished watching Beth Moore's Daniel series. Our men loved Beth!!!! Check out Cousin Brenda's blog (Beesnest) to see what she served at her group!!!! Brenda, I didn't have any table decor!!!!
P.S. The pies at the top still have the protective rings that guard the crust while baking....they are great and a must! I don't know why I didn't remove them before the pictures!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Too Dark......

Click on picture to see my beautiful friend Kim...she was over for a good visit and supper. I so wish I had taken more than one picture! Kim is full of life and sunshine I'm sorry the picture is so dark!

That's what I'm Talking About!!!

Look at the new whisk Mom bought me!!! My old rusty one is gone to recycling. What a wonderful treat, I've already used it several times. It has a soft plastic covering on the handle and is ergonomically comfortable :) I think the name is Le Creuset...I'm totally too lazy to get up and check the name. Thanks mom, it is wonderful. This would make a great gift for any kitchen!

Fun at the Flea Market

Here are the treasures that I picked up at the Vedersburg flea market. I took my neighbor Alice the Friday before Labor Day. I found several pieces of Pyrex. Another of my weaknesses is vintage table cloths, I got two, and they were each $1 each! Note the vintage playing cards...I have always enjoyed them, and bought a few decks. This month's Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion magazine has an article on collecting playing cards.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Not a Clue.....

I can't find my camera cord! I have several pictures that I wanted to put on the blog, and I can't find my cord!!! I took before and after pictures of my family room. Leesa helped me paint it. I also have pictures of my flea market purchases from Veedersburg. I'm sure I will find the cord. I moved it when we painted. I hadn't been on the computer for a couple of weeks. I just waded through my emails.

Cousin Brenda has a broken leg. So sorry.....I haven't checked out her blog yet.....I'm sure she's making the best of it.

I spent a couple of days down at Mom and Dad's and had a wonderful time...

Grace and Grant are settled back in school. We are celebrating Grace's birthday here next Saturday, I'm excited. She will be 15!!! She is already signed up for driver's training.

Hopefully I will find my camera cord...I will look for it tomorrow...too lazy tonight!