Sunday, September 7, 2008

Not a Clue.....

I can't find my camera cord! I have several pictures that I wanted to put on the blog, and I can't find my cord!!! I took before and after pictures of my family room. Leesa helped me paint it. I also have pictures of my flea market purchases from Veedersburg. I'm sure I will find the cord. I moved it when we painted. I hadn't been on the computer for a couple of weeks. I just waded through my emails.

Cousin Brenda has a broken leg. So sorry.....I haven't checked out her blog yet.....I'm sure she's making the best of it.

I spent a couple of days down at Mom and Dad's and had a wonderful time...

Grace and Grant are settled back in school. We are celebrating Grace's birthday here next Saturday, I'm excited. She will be 15!!! She is already signed up for driver's training.

Hopefully I will find my camera cord...I will look for it tomorrow...too lazy tonight!

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