Monday, July 28, 2008

Brickyard 2008

Brickyard 2008 is but a bad racing memory. About the only side by side racing we saw was these wreckers!! The Nascar wreckers are amazing, I wish I had a better photo. It would be so cool to ride around the track in them, I would prefer it to a race car. (I'm too claustro!) The happy people in the picture are our racing friends that sit near us. We have been sitting near Tim & Co. for about 8 years. This picture is especially for our racing buddies Dick and Ruthie who couldn't be with us this year. We have become friends with Tim, he has had a hard life, it seems. He has 3 beautiful girls and we have watched them grow up. It's neat the people God puts in our life path.
For any of you who don't follow Nascar racing, yesterday's race was a series of caution laps, mandated by Nascar because of tires that were wearing out in 6 - 10 laps. I don't think they raced more than 13 laps all day without a caution. It was frustrating.
It's time to hang up my hat for another year.....I guess we're not going to any more races this year. Right Ruthie & Dick?

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Brenda said...

Love the hat!!