Friday, March 11, 2011

Pillow Pets at Riley

My sister works at Riley Children's Hospital. She was so excited to share this picture with me this morning. I asked her to be a guest blogger so that you could hear her excitement about Pillow Pets for Riley!

Yesterday while working my shift in the PCIU, there was some unexpected excitement through the halls of Riley Children's Hospital. I was preparing to receive a young child after having open heart surgery and one of my colleagues came into room and said "You will never guess who is downstairs!". She went on to tell me that Third Day was in our lobby singing Old McDonald Had a Farm. She went on to tell me there were "thousands (?)" of Pillow Pets and the families were in line waiting to get their "pet". "Can you believe what a neat thing to do for our kids?." Because of hearing about the Pillow Pet project from my sister Lynn, I was able to share with her that the children's ministry staff with the help of many others at her church and the inspiration of one of her Bible Study friends this project was starting to help Jacob get his Pillow Pets for Riley. (see Jan's story in a previous post Pillow Pets for Jacob) What a treat for me to get to share that Lynn's friend listened to God's call and got to work on what she could do to help Jake get his 1,000 pillow pets. A true example of faith in action. Yes, the Pillow Pets were a wonderful gift to children and families who are challenged by illness and hospitalization. However, it is also a huge encouragement to those of us who care for these children. I am so happy I knew a bit of the "back story" and could share with my friends that these where not only Pillow Pets...they were a token of God's Love...first from Jacob....and then from God's family. Thanks!

Thanks Leesa, for sharing this blessing! Pillow Pets are coming in to the church from everywhere! It is amazing...and hearing KLOVE radio talk about Jacob...and having everyone praying for Jacob. It is truly inspiring.

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