Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Nanny with Grant

Mom brought Grant a Children's Bible. He loves it so "bad". Nanny read him a story from the book of Samuel. He was so tired after our busy evening. He went right to bed at 9:15 after a big tub bath. He is such a joy. I'm so glad he feels at home here. It's good for Leesa to get away with Grace, and nice for us to have this special time with Grant.

I Samuel 2:2
No one is Holy like the Lord!
There is no one other than you!
There is no rock like our God.

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Kimmy said...

I check your blog every day!!! What fun today to see so many pictures~~I love to look at pictures!! Loved the Beverly Hillbillies lawn/truck furniture. Real retro, gal. Good to see Andy in so many pictures. He is so cute. I'd love to get Reggie and Andy together when she is home June 26,27, 28,29. On the 30th we will be driving up to Mackinac Island for about 6 days. Sweet picture with Nanny and Grant.