Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wonderful Things You Get With Your Husband

I just returned from the third bi-annual Rupp Girl Cousin Retreat. It took place at our cousin's lake cottage on Round Lake in Michigan. The Lester Rupp Family shares a beautiful new cottage built on the lot of their former cottage purchased in 1967 by uncle Lester. Each family has their own bedroom that accomodates their family, some rooms with multiple beds. The house is decorated in white, yellow and blue. Our cousin Brenda of Beesnest started the retreat six years ago at her Chicago home. She said "You don't have to be young to make memories"....or something like that! She was right!! What wonderful memories we now have of our cousins! We that are inlaws, or as we say "outlaws", have been especially blessed to be loved and welcomed. I so appreciate Mark's family. Another of the cousin families has a beautiful condo on Devil's Lake close by and some of the cousins stayed there. I think there is a total of 36 cousins and outlaws. 29 attended the retreat. Our ages range from around 39 - 70.
Looking forward to the next one in 2010!

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