Monday, May 19, 2008


Grace is all grown up! Here she is before going to her Eighth Grade Graduation Party! Don't you love her vintage dress! She has a wonderful sense of style. She called tonight to tell us about her scholarship awards. She is not only beautiful, but so smart. She has worked hard and is the top of her class in almost every subject. I can't even remember all of the awards! One neat one was a Band award for good attitude. Grace is alot like her mom, my sis Leesa. She looks so much like Leesa did!!! Leesa was also smart! It's darling to see her all dressed up, isn't it?

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Kimmy said...

What a beautiful girl!!!! She is the perfect American girl like they used to be, don't you agree. I love that dress and those shoes. Oh she is breathtaking. Keep adding the photos, I enjoy them so much!!!! xxkimmy