Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mother of the Year 1965 & 2008

I hope mom takes a look at my blog in the next two days, I won't see her til Monday. I won't tell you what's in the small package, but I will tell you what's in the folder. I wrote a story about mom for a contest on Christian Women Online. You see, I am experienced in winning writing contests. In 1965 (I think, I was in the fourth grade) I won a writing was a "Mother of the Year" contest. I wrote a story about mom. You must understand that I was never a very good student, so it was quite a shock. I'm sure it was not my great writing abilities, but all of the wonderful things about my mom that won the contest. The prize was a nice charm bracelet.(very "in" in the 60's!) My recent attempt at writing reminded me of my non-academically creative self. But, I know mom will appreciate it and it will make the perfect gift!!! Mom told me that she will be wearing her charm bracelet this weekend.

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Kimmy said...

The picture of your Mother's Day present (can I now know what's in the box?) and your story about your mom set on your beautiful table matches the cake that your friend's daughter made for Mother's Day. Your blog is so beautiful. Everything color coordinates just like the shop did. It is very refreshing. Loved the gorgeous picture of your mom. She looked better than ever~and that is hard to do~she's always lovely. Kimmy