Saturday, May 17, 2008

Daily Miscellany

Vacummed the house.

Worked at Pottery Barn.

Picked up Grant.

Snipped weeds with Grant...involves garden tools.

Cooked hamburgers on grill.

Settled Grant in guest room with TV so Mark & I could watch Nascar. Looks Comfy, No?

Read my email & blog comments, was blessed by Brenda & Kim.

Thankful for Grant under roof.

Thankful for a great day!


Your sis said...

No other roof would he want to be under my boy loves you so, he is not alone, thanks for letting us have special time with Grace you bless us daily!

Kimmy said...

That "Grant" Bed looks sooo comfy. Makes you want to jump in with that cute little guy because it's soo cold outside!!!!
I had another comment before this one but it didn't take. Oh well, this one says it all.